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Paul+Victoria wedding {day1}

I’m glad to share Paul and Victoria’s wedding day 1.   The reason why it’s day 1 is because some of our couples like to  hire us for additional day photo session.  And image above  where Paul and Vicky sit and rocks was taken on day 2.  Earlier on this week on Blog post called  Paul and Victoria  ”sneak peak” I mentioned that after we took series of images on rocks overlooking ocean,  we claimed  closer to the ocean  water and I asked Paul and Victoria to sit and gently kiss each other.  This is the image I was referring to, hope you love this image with soft gentile colors as much as we do!  Click here to view Paul+Victoria engagement session photos. 

Tax season

Time goes by so fast!  I hope you guys had a great 2012.   Well, it’s 2013 and it’s also a tax season!   I really wanted to take a moment and share this flyer with you guys.   This is my dad Alexander and he has been preparing taxes for many years.   First he worked for HR Block and later he opened his own financial office.  I have to say that I’m very PROUD to share what my Dad does because he puts great care and time in his work.   He always takes his time and carefully goes over every aspect and item in both income and expenses.   Years ago, when my dad just started working for HR Block I brought him my income tax from a previous year. When my dad entered everything to a computer and carefully went over my income and expenses, he showed me that I overpaid $600 because my tax that year was not prepared with great care.   So every time it’s a tax season I am so glad that I can bright all my documents to my dad knowing that he will make sure that everything will be done correctly and legally.   And I know that he puts same effort to all of his clients.  So, if you want l to be sure your taxes are prepared by someone with experience and with great care, give my dad a call !


Happy New Years!!!

From Our Family to Yours…



This photo shoot took place couple month ago.   Stephanie came from Germany and speaks fluent Dutch.
Many people asked my how come my v-mail is in German, well on the way to SF we just recorded
it and honestly it’s been several month and I really need to change it:)  But interesting thing is
who ever calls me wasn’t surprised.   I got lots of v-mails and people didn’t really question that much
vmail.  Everyone asked but no one was thrown off:)

OK back to wedding:   We honestly had SO much fun with Stafani,Andrey and  their close friends
Pavel and Inna.   Very Godly couple(s).  We had so much fun.  Tons of laugh just loved it.
I decided to convert this images to cold ice grennish colors for very mystical drama effect.

And YES…  More images to come soon.


Luda+Corniliy wedding Update

Hi guys today I’m finishing up Luda & Corniliy wedding.    Posted couple new shoots, enjoy


Please click on link above to view Blog post with more photos.


Here is little update on our post production.   I just finished editing wedding 2009_04_25_Lia_Sergey.   But yes right now it’s a hot season
so as far as post production I’m trying to edit lots of photos per day however it’s “traffic”.  Lot’s of weddings lots of post production.   

it’s overwhelming but I thank all my brides for understanding and patiently waiting.  But if just dying to see your images ASAP, go ahead and send 
me email.  I’ll stay extra hour or so and get you images even faster.    Mean while I appreciate all those who tell me “take your time, your turn around 
time is fast enough anyway.



Personal school days

Good afternoon everyone.   This post is about Odnoklassniki or Classmates.   Some of you know that
there are site to find your classmates called Odnoklassniki.  And YES I do have a profile there.

But for a very long time I couldn’t find anyone from my class.  I went to school in 1st grade in 1986.

Anyway finally several month ago I found 1st and only class mate and after talking to him he emailed me
some of the photos when I was 9 years old.  I promisse I’ll put them up soon (I lost those photos somehow)
*UPDATE* Found photos here is one of them, please see below:)

But do you remember how our school days use to be like.   The closest thing I ever found is in this video PART 2.

I just love it.



Pay close attention to all little details how they talk:)

PART 3  | SCHOOL grades 4 thru 7

Vitaliy+Marina wedding



Hi guys here is a shoot of Val that I took yesterday @ Bethel church during wedding.