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Tax season

Time goes by so fast!  I hope you guys had a great 2012.   Well, it’s 2013 and it’s also a tax season!   I really wanted to take a moment and share this flyer with you guys.   This is my dad Alexander and he has been preparing taxes for many years.   First he worked for HR Block and later he opened his own financial office.  I have to say that I’m very PROUD to share what my Dad does because he puts great care and time in his work.   He always takes his time and carefully goes over every aspect and item in both income and expenses.   Years ago, when my dad just started working for HR Block I brought him my income tax from a previous year. When my dad entered everything to a computer and carefully went over my income and expenses, he showed me that I overpaid $600 because my tax that year was not prepared with great care.   So every time it’s a tax season I am so glad that I can bright all my documents to my dad knowing that he will make sure that everything will be done correctly and legally.   And I know that he puts same effort to all of his clients.  So, if you want l to be sure your taxes are prepared by someone with experience and with great care, give my dad a call !


Christmas {boutique cards} duloglo family


This afternoon brown UPS truck stopped in front of our place again and every time it stops to deliver package I feel like it’s Christmas!  Seriously receiving box from Fed Ex or UPS truck is very satisfying experience.    There is something exciting about getting shipments from Fed Ex and UPS delivery, I just don’t like when everything comes in all at ones in one day.

Today’s delivery was a set of 50 Christmas cards called “Boutique cards“.    Last week  I shared several images from Duloglo  Christmas family mini session and this week I want to show the final product.  These cards are  printed on thick paper, so they feel very sturdy.   We noticed that people who got the cards are really surprised by their quality as soon as they take them out of envelope.  The most common comments are “Oh, wow, this cards feel so expensive”.

Christmas {Luxe Card} design and print


Well,  with only 9 days until Christmas we are really enjoying this time of the year!   It definitely has been one of the best times of the year for us.    This year we decided to order the Luxe Christmas cards which are made with one of the finest paper available today.  Not only this paper has a really nice texture but it is also is made of very thick material, therefore it has a very nice feel to it.   Classic Felt press paper has a luxurious feel and smooth finish, producing a high-quality, timeless option for print products. It is an acid free, archival and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.

We ordered 2 kinds of Christmas cards.  The first card is a  5×7 accordion style card that  folds twice in the middle and at the top.    It is very easy to fold this card because it already arrives pre – scorned.  The card has a unique name Luxe cards because it has a die cut {custom shape top}.  At the first image below I included images that show how the  card looks when it’s folded.
Nice thing about this cards is that the design {text+images} is printed on both sides.   It is always nice to have option to put more than one or two images from a photo session.
The second card is a very similar card except it’s a 5×7 card printed on both sides, so I redesigned elements for this card as well.

Today I would like to tell you about an amazing artist who makes AMAZING cards and wedding invitations.  Some of the most creative, most impressive work you will ever see.  Every card is made by hand, completely from scratch.  The wedding invitations are very unique as well, with a very vintage feel to them.  You can look at all her work on her website - & you should definitely become a fan of her facebook page.  Here are some of the pictures I found on her website:

Andrey+Olesya 3 years anniversary

Hey guys!  I am exited to blog another recent photo shoot of Andrey and Olesya.  I was privileged to photograph their wedding in Sep 2007 and they hired me to create artistic photo shoot for them on 3 year anniversary.   Photoshoot at night was very fun.  Enjoy!

Post production

Hi guys, today is good day for us.  Just finish editing first and second day for Julie and Sergey.  Their wedding was in June 2010.

enjoy ‘save the date’ clip  that alex edited during love story shoot.

Best Save The Date Design Idea | Julie+Maks

Save the date design | Julie+Maks

Hi guys here is very cool SAVE THE DATE for Julie+Max   Sep 19 2010  Mark your calendars:)

Maks and Julie had very unique idea for their invitation where we had to ask relative to bring their babies for engagement
session photoshoot.  Click here to view invitation photo session.

And here is link for Maks and Julie wedding that took place in Croatian american cultural center 

Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington destination weddings

Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington destination weddings

Hey guys I just came back from Indiana state from photographing beautiful wedding of Tatyana & Bogdan.   Everyone was so friendly.   Meet a LOT of friendly people from Phila & Charlote & Washington
& Fresno CA.  Guys thank-you for all the hugs!

Both Philadelphia PA & Charlotte NC visitors asked me if I can photograph their families/kids when I’ll be visiting this states for weddings.  So answer is YES but you have to
contact me in advanced to reserve photo session.  Here is my schedule


It was nice seeing so many people.   Thanks everyone who helped us during wedding!