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Our pastors wedding

Hello Bloggers!   I tried to post more this week than before, but I’m still on my Blog.

Here is our daughter  Christina  2 hrs before wedding.  She was flower girl.  Also bride Nadia is Christina’s
Sunday school teacher so Christina was very confirmable taking photos @ park for 2 hrs with all girls there
were part of the bridal party.
I took this shoot at our house as soon as Oksana (my wife) brought Christina (who is 4) from Hair Salon.

Natalie if you read this, I have to tell you you did such an awesome hair both for Christina and Nadia’s.   Very classic.

Some time ago Natasha asked me to take some photos of her salon and products, here is one of the photos below.


Kimberly+Scott = wedding

Hi guys today I had very beautiful wedding in SF.   Both Kimberly and Scott was awesome.

All 3 places we shoot today were extremely beautiful.  First place was so classy that I would want to
shoot there 3 hrs instead of 45 minutes.

I personally believe that Kim and Scott are professional models.  They just pose so well, plus I
am very surprised how easy they took directions.

More photos to come soon.  P.S. Tomorrow my daughter Christina who is 4 will walk down the
isle as flower girl.

P.S. Just of the record I shoot about 2,500 images per wedding, but try to post just a few.


First place is above:


Natalie+Serge } Invitation photoshoot

Hi Blogers!  Here is post with Natalie+Serge.

Wedding day: Natalie+Serge wedding will be in end September
Photoshoot: How was the shoot?  I had fun more than usual.  Wish I could take photos for another 2 hrs!!!
Weather. 105F   But photos still look nice and lovely:)))






Hello guys,

Here is wedding of  Anna and Toly.
Q: How did Anna and Toly found out about us? Anna is Lena’s sister who’s wedding we photographed almost 2 years ago.
Q: How was wedding?. Wedding went very nice.   Very nice couple.  Toly (groom) is into photography so I knew he could of
suggested million things, but when I got to grooms house Toly simply said “where you want to take photos and that was it”.

Q: How was weather? Pretty hot.  100′s+F.  Today it’s 104F outside.   We did take a lot of photos but had to slow down a bit
not to get over exhausted.  Last year I have several guys during ceremony fell unconscious because of hot air inside of the church
and I believe lack or air conditioning.

But both Val ( and I enjoyed working with Lena and Toly.

PART 1 } getting ready






PART 2 }  park





PART 3 } ceremony








Val Feitser  @ Cineczar was videographer.

About month ago we had a talk where I’ll cover wedding event with Val as a videographer.  However when I hold his camera for more than
10 minutes my back starts to kill me.  After all it’s more than 10 pounds.  Try to ran with that camera for more than 2 hrs see what happens.

PART 4 } reception





Kristina_Nik E-session

Hello everybody.  Finally in 2 weeks the first Blog post.   There are 3 photos that were on my desktop.   Kristina and Nik.  By the way their wedding
will be this August 15, 2009 in less than a month.

One of the MOST common question I have been asked both in camp and over the phone “What happened?  Where are blog posts?”.
Answer #1 is I stopped working 12 hrs per day.
Answer #2 I put all of my energy into post production.
But I’ll definitely try to post more:).




RE: Video from wedding in Minnesota

Click here to view VIDEO


*Please download fee software  QUICK TIME player and  installed it to view this video.