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Alina+Aleksey Minnesota wedding

TEXT massage:  ”Andrey!, we keep checking ur blog but nothing is updated, we wanna see pictures from Alina’s wedding”

TEXT ANSWER:  ”Lina still driving in MN, will be in Cali in several hrs will put photos for you guys”.

So there you go.  I’m putting this photos up because Linysik asked me to:).  How did Alina learned about us?
Well I know Alina for 21  years because she is my cousin.   Wedding went awesome!  Everyone loved it.   In the
limo on the way to church I learned to both Alina P, Julia P, Alina M do check out blog on regular basis so girls
where very familiar with our shooting style.
Wedding went smooth, but D.Vasia my uncle was bossing me around which I’m highly not used to.

Great time, thanks for Sergey and Elvira  we had wonderful time on lake and really enjoyed boat ride.
Our whole family came out to MN and we had too much fun and little family reunion.


MORNING | getting ready











CEREMONY | afternoon

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Meet my family.
Sister (sitting way at the left side smiling at the camera)
daughter Christina (4 years old) (siting between sister and gramma, have to look carefully)
than all focus is on Gramma
than little to right is my Mom
and more to the right Oksana my wife

*My sister:    is 3 1/2 years older than me, very smart has master degree and always scenes I was born bossing me around.
**Gramma is nicest person in the world.  And I’m not saying this because she is my Gramma but if there would be a
contest of one of the nicest people in the world my gramma would make to “Top 10 list”
***Mom is also very kind person.  My Dad and my sister are very discipline and tough and My Mom and I are ..huhh how do I say this
I’m going to use word “nicer, or less bossy.
****Oksana my wife loves all of us.  She is super nice yet can be very strict with kids.  But it’s so good for our Christina because she needs
lots of love and lots of discipline.

As far are Blog goes because my family shares with me how ofter they check blog I’ll tell you:
Mom  daily.
Oksana  2x -3x a week,
Luda (Angela) sister 1x or 2x a month
Gramma 1 x 3 month when she visits my Mom’s house.




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Hi guys.   Oksana (my wife) and I had photo-shoot for our kids few days ago.  We’re planning to print wallets
and send out to our relatives.  







Tina is 4 now.  


Hello users.  You can download image below as a DESKTOP  WALL PAPER.  If you’re getting married you can put this image to your desktop
and you don’t have to look for our phone number.  But said part is that you’ll have to type this address below manually:(.


Wedding post photos are updated

Hi guys, today I have updated several previous wedding blogs.
#1  Click below to view Anna+Artur blog post 
Click here to view Anna+Artur Blog photos


#2  Click below to view Liliya+Pablo wedding post
 Click here to view Liliya+Pablo Blog photos 


PHOTO | VIDEO | Status

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to write an update about couple of things:

BUSINESS: Both Oksana and I are working very hard and it pays off.  If I’ll work as hard
as I did this week, I’ll be able to finish editing all MAY weddings and there are 6 of them.

PERSONAL: We’re here in my studio office together with my assistant  Christina who is 4 now.
Working on photos and Christina is watching cartoons on laptop.  You’ll find photo of Christina
here below.

BLOG PHOTOS:  YES I have many many photos to share and because my priority was to finish
photos and give them to clients asap, I kept blog post at it’s minimum.
Now because I’m getting cut up, I am hoping to dedicate more time to Blog:).
By the way I’m not ONLY planning to update photos on my last post but adding photos
to other weddings I have added in the last 60 days.

VIDEO: I was always very exited to import and edit video thru Mac.  Today finally I put aside
1 hrs and captured video I shoot couple of days ago.
Here is few clips.  You’ll need Quick Time player to watch this video:  Click on orange name below
to view video: cat_blog


Oksana+John | 2nd DAY coverage

FEATURE IMAGE | This image was taken on the 2nd day.

Q: How often do I have 2nd day coverage?
A: all the time
Q:  How come?
A) My couples love taking photos.  They visit Blog and see that so many other couples pick me
for 2nd day photography and current couples ask me to cover 2nd day.  
Q:  Is that a tradition?
A) Not sure we just go and have lots of fun.  Very relax, fun, goofy time.  (Well most of the time) 


This one of the the most productive 2nd days I had.   We shoot in
*newer part of the city,
**older part of the city,
****buses after this went to
*****big fountain spend a lot of time there running in the water AND we still made it to 
******GreenLakes that’s 45 minutes away.
And…. we were done by 4:30 pm!.   amazing considering we started afternoon.  Let’s see who should I give credit to?  Probably to John & Oksana.  





Guys couldn’t  stay still:)   Look how nice girls are standing:)!  This was going on for like 5 minutes than I had to put guys @ different ends
because they were keep pushing each other.  One of my favorite parts in weddings is big wedding party and chaos.   



Here is an image that was taken (Oksana and John) kissing by Leo who was in the boat with me.  Leo was shooting new
Canon 5dii with 85mm 1.2 Lens (everything is top of the line) and he was kind enough to borrow this camera for me.:)!  I try to shoot 
little video on that camera and that was pretty exited..




Oksana+John Main day

Hi guys, 
Here is photos from yesterday’s wedding.  Whole 2 days came so fast and they were extremly interesting, but now I’m sitting behind very strong computer (fast one) in front of 2 big monitors typing:)   We’re transfering images to harddrives and I’m just throwing couple images on the Blog. 

I get to say over local videographer house and he got 2 big Dell screens and full tower computer with 6 or 8 hard drives inside:)    …. videographers:) 

Anyway, videographer’s name is Leonid and I am having so much fun staying at his house.   I’m so glad that I get to meet so many nice people.   Such a friendly person.  He takes care of me better than my wife does.  Calling me to make sure I’m not hungry after the wedding (we shot wedding together with him) and the next day, he called to check how I’m doing several times.  At evening time, he went and purchased pizza and  BBQ wings,  in the morning he purchased breakfast for me.    So I got to meet Leonid and his family as well. ********
BEST part about the wedding, was to meet Oksana and John.  Both very Godly couple.  Enjoyed seeing love between them.  Enjoyed their fun personalities. 
And yes than we had  6 couples grooms and brides maids.   Out of 14 people (wedding party) Taras, Vania and Tania.. kept fun going at 250%.    I’ll blog those photos you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.  

FEATURED PHOTO | Oksana and John


This featured photo was taken at the end of the first day, when we were going home.  May-be you noticed  that I try to put featured photo on most of my wedding Blogs.  Usually I just pick nice photo of the couple.   



I obsoletely love this shoot.  Here is little background behind destination weddings:   Before I use to stress out flying on the airplane and it was
boring.   But after many flights everything changed.  Now I really enjoy flying and it’s not a problem to take 3 difference flights per 1 day.   However  
when Oksana’s relative drove  me from airport  on the way told me that Oksana hired me because I have unique style and she wants everything
to be the BEST! To be honest, I started to get extremely nervous.   I watched a lot of material on the place to keep my self fresh but after hearing
why I came out I started to pray.   I mean the pressure to deliver Wow Prints is there…. Before going to sleep I prayed and went thru education material 
again.  Why do I learn so much?  Because photography is an art and photographers with 15 years education still learn.  

Don’t you just love this CLASSIC Rolls Royce car!  Driver was like “oh no no no, don’t close that door, just get in to the car and sit,
I’ll close that door for you
”  And than driving to church I turned around with camera to take photos of Oksana (bride) and driver was like..
“Oh you got to be more careful that this, don’t you just want to sit straight?  I was like.. oh not really I want to take a lot of photos.  But driver
was extremely nice.    



GROOMS } place







OK this is me today @ 4:00 pm   Bride and Groom are at the boat  left side 50 feet away and other 3 boats with all grooms man are still rolling to us:) 


This shots are with very wide lens so that’s why I’m so distored:)  Guys told me that Lake is so deep that they can’t find bottom of it!  The reason why
it’s so hard to find bottom is because there are layers of stones  and because of them it’s impossible to get down to bottom of the lake.  
Anyway I’ll have to google and find out little more about it.  But it’s awsome!



Here is little update on our post production.   I just finished editing wedding 2009_04_25_Lia_Sergey.   But yes right now it’s a hot season
so as far as post production I’m trying to edit lots of photos per day however it’s “traffic”.  Lot’s of weddings lots of post production.   

it’s overwhelming but I thank all my brides for understanding and patiently waiting.  But if just dying to see your images ASAP, go ahead and send 
me email.  I’ll stay extra hour or so and get you images even faster.    Mean while I appreciate all those who tell me “take your time, your turn around 
time is fast enough anyway.



Personal school days

Good afternoon everyone.   This post is about Odnoklassniki or Classmates.   Some of you know that
there are site to find your classmates called Odnoklassniki.  And YES I do have a profile there.

But for a very long time I couldn’t find anyone from my class.  I went to school in 1st grade in 1986.

Anyway finally several month ago I found 1st and only class mate and after talking to him he emailed me
some of the photos when I was 9 years old.  I promisse I’ll put them up soon (I lost those photos somehow)
*UPDATE* Found photos here is one of them, please see below:)

But do you remember how our school days use to be like.   The closest thing I ever found is in this video PART 2.

I just love it.



Pay close attention to all little details how they talk:)

PART 3  | SCHOOL grades 4 thru 7