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Lia+Sergio | Wedding additional day coverage

Hi guys today I had additional day coverage with Lia & Sergio.  Last year 2nd day photography was so popular that I went to SF or some other place every other weakened.

I’ll Blog one image from today’s photoshoot.





Lia+Sergio | Wedding

Here are images from Lia&Sergey wedding.



Wedding dress was designed by bride.




You might find simmilar photo of Serg&Lia on blog few month ago.


We only had 10 minutes to shoot in the morning from the time bride put her dress on.  So I had to move extremely fast.






I deliberately asked Lia to put shoes by her self!  Why.  First at all I knew it’ll look pretty cool.
But than I called girls to come in (brides maid) and we shoot more images of all of them



CEREMONY | This shoot “releasing of doves was after ceremony but between reception.


Here is a shoot after Ceremony and after we all all artistic and formulas.   We had a lot of people standing behind us to see doves
fly away.  Did you guys know that doves immediately fly back to their farm.  In fact when doves are young they only rent them in
Sacramento area and they fly 10 or 20 miles.  But when doves get stronger they rent them as far as to Bay Area witch in 115 miles
away from us (Sacramento) and doves fly back.

END  | This shoots were done after ceremony.  I believe everyone forgot about them, but it was pretty cool.


Where are new Blog posts?


Hello everyone.  Thank-you for so many votes on last post.  The winner is image #1
Under Umbrella. 

* However several photographers (including me) liked image #2 little more. 


Where are new Blog posts?   They are comming next week.   Mean while here is a shoot of Val videographer and me yesterday on the wedding.
This Thursday (and it was yesterday) we shoot very cool wedding.   I can’t blog images because Val and I will shoot another wedding tomorrow and I’m
SOOO tired.   

My last 4 weddings had something in common:   A) I was there;)  Just kining..   B) All 4 wedding reception were outside.  Such a beutiful places.  We had reception in Vineyards, and than I shoot wedding in Auburn way in mountains next to Clementine lake.   Than we photographed wedding in Roseville golf club.  Reception took place under big tent overlooking pond, I think tempreture that Saturday was over 90′s so it’s getting hot.    And this last wedding (see photo below) Val and I had wedding in Sacramento |  Arden Hills Resort. 

I will start putting images on the Blog next week.   I have about 10 photoshoots I have to Blog, they all took place in last 2 weeks and I just couldn’t Blog because I am still |
working on those images


Photo competition | please vote

Hi readers.  Please help me to decide.
Today several people stopped over my house and we were just chatting.   And I had several photos on my screen.
My friend really like one photo much more than another one and my opinion was different.  I think one shoot is good and another one is (best of my work).

So PLEASE V*O*T*E* for your favorite image.

I would love to receive feedback from every reader:)!
*To make it fair I will only post winner photo not comments.  So go ahead and post them, they will ONLY go to my admin page.

Photo1:  Under the rain
Photo2:  Fashion wedding photo
First shoot “Under the rain” I took several month ago in North Carolina (indeed there was huge rain)
Second shoot I took 6 hrs ago on todays wedding.

To make it more fair I will not reveal comments for the next week or two.

Guys thanks for all your comments, so far in 2 days I have 12 votes.  If you haven’t voited yet,
be sure that you do:)

Krista+Bobby E-session

Good afternoon everyone.  Today is Friday noon and I just have a chance to Blog few photos before I ran to take wedding.  I have been posting a lot, however photo shoot are adding up faster than Blog post.  

Right now it’s “hot season” meaning not only we have all Saturdays filled for next several month but also  few  Friday’s Thursday and Sunday weddings.   So right now I just shoot, edit images and ran to next photo shoot. 

Mean while, I loved working with Krista and Bobby.    Such a nice couple.  Very intelligent.   I will try to Blog more images, but I’m taking off for my next wedding in 20 minutes.  Plus we have a full day weddings tomorrow and Sunday.    
Because my priority is to get all photos done on time, right now I just can’t dedicate too much time into Blog.

On top of this, Oksana and I work extra hard to finish all albums:)  I really want to blog at least 10+ images from every shoot, but I can’t promise to do that for several month.  I will try:)


Katie | Birthday photo-session

Today I was rather exhausted from working behind computer, so when Natalie called to schedule appt, instead of booking appt. in several weeks, we decided to do it today.   

Hello here is a photo-shoot that I shoot today (Monday).   

 This Wednesday I’m planning to have E-session and after this I’ll post all 3 E-sessions together.

Natalie told me that she was curling Katie’s hair for 40+ minutes and Katie was sitting still:)   Wow. 

This weeks posts

Good afternoon everyone,

This Saturday my wife Oksana and I shoot pretty nice wedding in West Sacramento Vineyards.

* I’ll do my very best to put images up soon, however because it’s a hot season  right now, I’ll need couple extra days.
** I have updated 04_04_2009 wedding post.

Because last year “hands free law” come out,  we have to talk in the car via Bluooth or headset.  It’s actually pretty good law.   Now  state also added another law “no texting while driving”.   Plus I was waiting for a phone call.

I use Jawbone headset.  It’s one of the most expensive headset’s that I know, quality is superb; however it’s not too comformable (too heavy, hopefully new one’s are better).
It has noise cancellation feature witch is very nice, however Ebay $20 Motorola HS820 was very light and I liked Motorola headset a little bit more.

Yana+Andrey | Additional images

Hello Bloggers.   I just realized that I haven’t posted any morning “Getting ready shoots for 03_15_2009 Yana_Andrey wedding.   So Here is one shoot.   
I posted few more images under 03_15_2009 wedding.   Please browse Blog archive to see few more shoots.

I’ll try to Blog more carefull next time.