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Natasha_Gera_E-session (invitation photoshoot)

Good afternoon Everyone!    Here is a photo shoot E-session from Last week.  

The wedding will take place in Fresno!  I love FRESNO even thou I have to get up at 3:15 am so I can be at Fresno at 7:45 am.   Still love it!   Gera flew to Natasha all of way to Florida.  And than they drove to Sacramento.   

We actually have lots of pictures in several locations HOWEVER because it’s late, I’ll just blog those 6 and I’m logging off:).

I’ll post another E-session that I shoot about a 1 1/2 month ago tomorrow.

Good night.

Tania photoshoot

Here is photoshoot with Tania that we had last week.    Even thru Tania looks pretty happy on photos, this is the time where she started to be very sick.   


Hello everyone.   Today I have several photo sessions, here is one of them.  Liya and Sergey. 

It was fun:)  Liya and Sergey were refered to my by my friend/vendor.   However I remember Liya from 2 years ago when I was in Dental office of Dr. Lourie.  I walked in to office and while I was waiting I wanted to check out Internet, so I asked Liya if she can get on Internet, but Dr, Laurie was walking by and said “Internet, Oh no, are you kiddign me, if we install Internet here, girls will browse on the time instead of working, so we don’t have it”..  I still remember that..:)  Touch love:)!

Well we had lots of fun, I took 997 Images.. Thousand images,just of this E-session.  Why do I take so many?. ahh.. That’s my style, that’s how I work. 

Good night, don’t forget to post comments:) 


Good afternoon everyone!   

Here is yesterdays  wedding that Oksana and I photographed in Meadow Vista (about 50 minutes drive from Sacramento).  It was a ”Fall theme” thru out because we had so many trees with  yellow and red colors.
Weather for photography was very nice.   A) Cloudy sky - pretty stable colors and little light shift  thru out photoshoot.  


My daughter Christina came to my office last week and said

“Daddy grab your camera, come on, let’s go take pictures I’m ‘nevesta’ meaning “bride”.   I was sitting photoshoping one of the albums, so I dropped everything and we went outside and took a few pictures.   The whole photo shoot was about 4 minutes:)  

Christina is 3 and she knows that Bride must have flowers;)

Video (weddings in 1970′s)

Good evening Bloggers!   About 1 month ago, my sister visited us from SD.  Once she walked into my office and said “Oh Andrey, guess what I have to show you this video that I have!”   I said OK, so she send me the link of this video below and said which isa video of her friend SVETA’s parents

I LOVE video so much, I had to put it online!  Such a classic video. 
*I loved how they had to use cab car for a wedding.
** doors (in a cab) were closing poorly (every cars problem back than) so groomsman had to reopen and close it:)))
***I love how video guy never bothered to go inside the buildings.. so all we see is them going somewhere all the time:).   But technical side: Video lens compression and composition are pretty good!  Very impressive.  It’s 30 MB so you’ll need good Internet to stream this video.