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Good afternoon everyone!    Here is todays wedding photos.   I TOTALLY LOVED Katie’s wedding dress!   Superb!!!!


Congradulations to Igor on getting Hi End stabilizing system.    When we pulled for pictures, Igor drove by and said: 

Hey Andrey do you think you guys can wait extra 10 minutes, I need to put on my stabilizing system“  So we waited, (well I took couple portraits during that time)  but when Igor came out charging.. I was  like “GEEEAAAA GOO IGOR!!!”  I was way too exited.  
Everyone was like.. “Andrey why so exited!?”   There are many answers.  One of them, I wanted to see how Igor will ran really really fast and video still will be super smooth!  Now that’s something!  Plus ONLY Hi End videographers use this kind of system:)  So it’s nice to know that people who I get to work with strive for best and greatest”!  

I love working in Photoshop.   It takes lots of time to figure everything out, but after all most of people who photograph do have passion for this job.  Other wise it’s not fun:) wedding photoshoot


Hi guys!  Here is a story behind this photoshoot.   If you’re a reqular Blog reader, you probably knows that
#1  I’m a photographer and this is photo Blog;)
#2  I work a lot with videographers @  

About 3 weeks ago we were driving back from wedding and Val and Lora asked me if I was able to photograph 6 years wedding auniversity event.  I agreed and it was fun:)!.  This week we had a photo session.        


Good evening everyone.   OK today is pretty late so I’ll put this little collage.   Tonya and Dima’s wedding wss in September but as many other couples we had 2 day photography coverage, so this Saturday I stopped by Tonya’s and Dima’s place and we went for a photo session.     


Kids and album


Good morning!  Today is Monday and my sister went back home!  That means that we’re back behind our computers.    I just wanted to share 1 collage of photos we shoot yesterday after morning church service.  My wife Oksana wanted to have studio shoots, but after a very nice dinner no body felt like setting up studio, so we ended up photographing on the street.  

Christina and Tristan actually play with my studio umbrella that I took out.  They just loved that.   It’s amazing how kids always want to play (break) something that can’t have. 

So this week it was all about kids and baby’s photography!  But it’s not over yet!



My sister’s visit to CA

Hey everyone!

My sister came to visit us for couple of days.  I was pretty bussy yesterday with several photoshoot appoitments so we couldn’t really do anything fun.   However becasue today I had one appoitment that had to be moved to next week, we went to the park and took photos for 15 minutes.   Here is couple of them.

Whole time kids were running everywhere without control, and when I told my sister to ask Tristan (who is 3 now) to stay in one spot, she said “Eh I don’t think he wants to, you just have to catch the moment if you can”.

So finally we sat him down for 2 seconds and he gave me this “look”.   So reminds me of “Jon” Tristans Dad!

3 week old baby

Hello everyone.  Today I had a very smooth photoshoot with 3 weeks old baby girl.   Parents Max and Valia goes to same church as I do.   After church service I just stopped to say hi and made a comment that this is a good time to photograph baby.  And Max told me “Ok let’s do it than, when are you available”   So we did it:)!

Lots of very classic photos.    

It’s been pretty bussy week for us.     There will be more photos of E-session and kids later on this week.    So Oksana and I are working extra hard to keep our wedding albums and photos to be done on time.