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FireProof movie

Hello everyone, today my wife Oksana and I went to see Fireproof movie.  I have to honestly say “the best movie I ever saw”  such a powerfull impact.   I believe that it’s “a must watch for everyone”   even those who are not getting married.   My job is to take wedding photos:)  So if you guys see this and didn’t see a movie yet!  You must see this one. 
I wouldn’t write this on my blog is I wouldn’t be 100% amazed!!!!!



Hello everyone.  Here is todays wedding:)  I love to post images right of way, so couple can enjoy them right of way:).. (giving away my secrets here).

Aleksey is brother of Liliya (who married 1 week ago)  Please see Liliya_Pavel_09_20_08 wedding.  So we had a privilage to photograph their events.

I actually want to take a chance and THANK my friend photographer Daniel who is living in Washington.  Daneil came to CA again 2 days ago to photograph wedding as well.   Daniel contacted me via-email asked if I need help with Photography or Photo shop.   So I said YES, and we meet this Friday.   He photographed my family (all thru I just had a family photo shoot by a VERY good photographer Stan).   Anyway we did another family shoot and most of the time (and there was little time) went into Photo shop.  Daniel huge thank-you for all this time you poor into me, so I can think “Art” when it comes to photography and be “hi end”:). 

Lyuda and Aleksey wedding went so smooth.   Time shedule, was little off.  florist delayed process by 45 minutes, but we managed to make photoshoot smooth, like this 45 minute delay was planed:)   Lyuda and Aleksey possed very natural, good job guys:)

Love this images a lot:)  Very artistic.   

Below is grooms Dad talking in microphone with a very popular wedding host Ilya Valuyskiy that I see on weddings all the time.

See what good wedding host can do to people:):)))))))!  


Good afternoon everyone!  Today (Monday) I am posting fiew more shoots from last Saturdays wedding.   Enjoy!

Congratulations toVal & Lora videographers that I worked with @ with 6th year university.  ”Waiting for elevetor”.   Very romantic.  They were walking around holding hands when we were going back to our car:) 


Good morning everyone!  Here is a photoshoot that I shoot early in September.  I believe Sep 3rd.   We shoot both in the field next to rail road and Mall.   However even on far end of the mall for example parking lot, they don’t really want you to take any pictures.   So I photographed in the mall for about 10 minutes and we drove to another place:)..   I’ll add more pictures with the mall next week.:)  This is my first 3 images.

LOVE this shoot with a tree very classic. 


Hello everyone.  Here is todays wedding from Fresno!   I really want to thank Groom Max for working together with me on finding new cool places.   The whole shooting schedule was well planned!:) 

How did Nadia and Max leanred about our studio?  Nadia and Max were part of the wedding party less than 2 month ago!   Where? On  Max’s brothers wedding!  To see images please view Blog post at Larisa_Kostin_06_28_08_wedding.  So that’s where we meet. 

Below is image of rings that I shoot in the morning.   I shoot this image at F 2.8 aperture.  Meaning the back of the ring is already out of focus.  My intention was to draw the viewers eye to dinmont. 

I love this picture, reminds me of one of those images that you’ll see in stock images website.

Even thru I had a lot of pictures in the field lately.  I always love to change places to keep photography fresh and interesting.  Here is very beutiful place we took pictures at Fresno. 

I totally love those light white with green tree and skin tone colors.



Hello everyone.  Here is photos of this Saturdays wedding.  I loved it a LOT!   So much fun!    I will say it again!  The keys to have fun is A) Positive attitude and B) Time and well planned schedule!   

I tell you when there is pressure and everyone is late and running around that’s not the time to joke around.   So on the tight schedule I’ll concentrate to take “formal shoots” and very mandatory shoots.  And they come out really nice.  But when we have time to relax it’s a blessing.  I can afford to risk and take a lot of goofy pictures and everyone loves those:).      

On Tonya’s and Dima’s wedding party, I couldn’t ask for better wedding party (total with flower girl 16 people).  Everyone was so exited and wanted to do this!     



I’ll add more photos of Bride later on this week:)  So stay turned.

Here is one of the  images from 2nd day wedding photography.   Dima and Tonya were going to Honey moon and their aiplaine was leaving from SF.  So they asked me I can take them to SF for a photoshoot and after that drop them at port.  

So that’s what we did.  Here is one of the images from 2nd day. 

Video on the net

Good evening.   I browsed internet and came upon this video at YouTube.   I thought it’s pretty interesting to see long line of cars before and after Hummer Limo.




Hello everyone!   This week I had opportunity to photograph 2 E-sessions.  Here the first one.   Julie+Renju.   I’m very exited to photograph Julie and Renju wedding that will take place in San Jose.   I loved working with them.  Very fun couple:).  Here is few images.

MC Studios

MC Studios

Here is fiew more shoots.   Both Renju and Julie were very comportable in front of the camera.  And I love that a lot.   The reason why I love to goof off is because it’s so much easier to work after that.   In other words I always try to bring in mixture of portrait and fun moments to gether, this way portraits look energetic.    

MC Studios

MC Studios

MC Studios

MC Studios