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Phily trip from today until June 4th

If I need to summarize my Phila trip, it was a LOT of fun.  We stayed up until 3 am every day socializing. 
Even though I’ve lived in Phila for 2 years, I never went to NYC, so this time I asked cousing if we can go, and we made it.   

Instead of driving on the car to NY, we took NJ Transit train (because Amtrak was 5x more expansive)  And it took 1h 20 minutes for train to come to NYC Manhattan.  
I was amazed when Amtrak blew by us at 95+ mph!  I would want to ride on Am track but they wanted $250 per 3 tickets and NJ Transit train goes 60+ MPH and it cost $60 per 3 people. 


This is my cousin who I was staying with.. same last name..:)




Train comes to Manhatan Madison Town Square.  So as soon as we walked out of train station the view was WOW!



If I need to make a “Brief” first impression here it is:

A lot of police


A lots of people.  Thousands of people in every corner, and everyone is running somewhere.   Here is an example:
If I would go to Sacramento basketball game in Arco Arena and after game thousands of people would be heading to 
their cars, that’s NYC.



Lots of  Taxi Cabs.    I’ve been in San Fransisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Europe and never I’ve seen anything like New York!  This city is very different from any other city. 


OK here is another NY subject.   When we think of NY we think of Twin Towers.  I had to see them! 
So here it is:   A lot of people are not sure what kind of building will be build up.  Here is the photo I took.


OK here is images that I pulled of Internet: 
Current view:


Plan:  YEAR 2012


As you can see they are working on  5 buildings not 2.


Famous “Central Park” - oh, it was huge.  We walked for 2 hrs and only went from 110th st to 96th. 
Map said park goes up to 60th St.  At this point we took a bus and went to the next place.


Here is photo I took of Manhatan island while driving on boat to another island..


Downtown totally blew me away.  I was standing and thinking why NY is so different from other big cities.

A) People are very nice.  They ran to work and vs trying to show up like I saw in many places where lots of tourists are.
B) Downtown had screens (that are 15 or 20 stories HIGH) one of top of another.   So I’m standing in the middle and all around me there are  flashing commercials.

Imagine looking at beer commercial when Beer bottle is 15 stories HIGH and it’s flying right at you, MEGA TV and they are one on top of another.  You have to be there to feel it. 

At about 1 am we took train back to NJ and from NJ drove home.   When I got home I realized that I have to be at airport at 5 am.  So didn’t have much of sleep during this trip.  But well worth it!


Below is 360 degrees PANORAMA.   I took 12 vertical photos and put them together.      


Here is perfume sign, that’s about 30 stories HIGH.  Imagene that would be a TV screen with animated commercial:)


Maturnity photos+Thank-you to fellow photographers:)

Last week I had a great privilege to photograph my friend Eugene and his wife Mariana.   Eugene is a good friend of mine and is also a photographer, ,   who’s helped me so much both spiritually and photography wise. 

So far I have met photographers who see everyone else in a field as their competitors. And I’m not too naive not to see many of them as my competitors.   But there are photographers who I trust  and  share any/all  valuable information with.   It’s nice to have someone who can help me in time of emergency and I know (CA photographers would cover me on the wedding if something would come up – and I know I would help them without any charge!)

So I wanted to thank a few people who helped me the most: 

Avessa Eugene (CA) - for spiritual and photography business help
Oleksandr H  (WA) - for strong photography skills information and all the time you have invested in me! 
Luda G (CA)- for photographing my family, for taking me on your wedding photo-shoot and many other cool tips
Daniel D (WA)  – for investing sooo much time in me, replying with powerful Photo-shop information, photo information (too much to list) and trusting so MUCH.

There are other photographers… But these guys are the BEST!










Ira+Michael 5_24_08 wedding

Hello, here is Mike and Ira’s wedding.  I know that many of you would like to see photos, because we promised to put them on the blog for you.   As you remember, it was raining in the first part of the afternoon.   The best men had time on their hands and beautiful 24 seat Cadillac limo, so they went to the store and purchased 4 umbrellas.  Because guys invested so much money in umbrellas ($40 for 4):)… they had to use them for wedding.

 More pictures to come next week.  Be sure to leave a comment if  you like images:-)




Girls you were awesome!  When you came in laughing about something, I knew right away ”It’s going to be a fun day”!
And you were so encouraging.  
How well did I know the wedding party ?    All bridesmaids and us are members of the same church. Besides, about 8 month ago we had a Youth trip to Mexico (cruise).  On that cruise Ira (bridesmaid), Lena her very good friend (sitting left of Ira), Oksana (my wife who is also a photographer) and I had a 30 minute photo-shoot on Catalina island.   So, it wasn’t the first time I took pictures of them.  

So we were all One big family on this wedding.    









I love shoot with Anya trying to take a photo.  With Canon PowerShoot.   Nice:)  By the way, very popular consumer camera.  



All right, there is a story that goes with this image.  This image was taken right after ceremony and before the reception.  There was about 2 minute walk between Ceremony and Reception buildings and both places looked AWSOME!  Very classy!  So as we were driving to ceremony, I saw this wall (gate) about 2 blocks away and said “Wow!”, Ira can we take any photos by that wall?”    And Ira (bride) said “Oh, sure Andrey, we wanted to ask you to take some photos there as well, so yes on the way back from Church (ceremony) to reception (another classy building) we’ll take photos. ”    Well, as ceremony was over , both Bride and Groom had so many relatives that wanted to take traditional group photos and photo-shoot was 30 minutes longer although I worked very fast. 

So bride was tired and she said “we’ll not take photos by that wall”.   For me that was nightmare.  I wanted to take a couple of photos by that wall really badly.  So as we were going along, I said “Ira you promised we’ll take some photos, pretty please….. 45 seconds that’s all!”.    Ira said YES, of course!   So thank you Ira:)!  I love when we’re on the same page with bride and groom! 



Beautiful place for reception area.   Ira and Mike had near 400 guests.  So this building was perfect!  Plus
it’s such a classic building, hi ceilings, brown wodden beams in the cieling, big windors, lots of natural light.

What more can photographer ask for?  (believe me we can). 


Here is the wedding for Lyuda and Sergey.  Very fun wedding!  We had sooo much fun on 2nd day SF.    How did Lyuda learn about our Photography Studio?   Well first at all Lyuda is Olesya’s sister.   If you scroll down about 10 posts you’ll find Olessia+Andrey Blog post with Flash mount album design we did for them.   ONE:  Lyuda knew about us from Olesya’s wedding.  TWO:  Lyuda was standing next to me on her sister’s wedding taking pictures on her little camera.   So Lyuda’ve seen the way I work, and when we met I didn’t have to show her my work much:).







Boy I had one happy “wedding party” this weekend.:).  They were like this all the time. 




Comcast speed

Hi, here is unexpected post:).  Ok we all use internet A LOT!   Now days emails get answered within 2 hrs or less.  Many emails get answered within couple minutes after they been send out because we have “Outlooks” that are running on the background.

Here is something very cool!   Comcast really REALLY increased their speeds.  Remember how slow dial up internet use to be?

7 YEARS AGO dial up    25 KB/s  13.2 MB file  30-52 minutes to download

2-3 YEARS AGO DSL& Hi speed 250 KB/s up to 700 KB/s  13.2 MB  1-3 minutes to download

NOW  comcast gives this “boost speed on large files”   13.2 MB files downloaded under 1 second!  That’s pretty cool!   We went from 52 minutes to 1 second:)!  


Diana+Cosmin 5-10-08 Wedding

Good evening,

This week I’m processing images for Diana and Cosmin wedding.   Very cool wedding.  The time schedule was AWSOME!  One of the best time schedules I had.  Everything was so relaxed, nobody was running anywhere, SUPERB!  Videographer VAL was very impressed with schedule as well. 
Later on this week, when I post more images I’ll talk more about schedule and whole wedding.  Stay tuned:).  

I do have a lot of shoots inside, but here is just a few I grabed outside by the pool.



Here is a a VERY good idea!  Getting ready outside under Gazeboo.   First at all Light is SUPERB!  Second at all I have so much space to walk around vs many weddings where girls are getting ready in small room or bathroom.   Where I barely have any place to back up and light in bathroom is pretty horrible as well. 


Last week I said that I’ll talk abotu schedule.  And this wedding schedule was very nice.  After Diana was done with make up we actually had extra 50 minutes before Diana had to put on the dress.  














On this wedding I have aprox 2,000 images.   And there are a lot of very nice images before last picture here on the blog.   Later on I might update this post even farther and post more images, depends on my schedule. 





Good evening everyone. 

When I post new updates on Blog one of my goals was to make sure that I post something new every-time.  Because I wanted to make it new and interesting.  So couple previous posts (weddings) only had photos with details or some minor shoots, and I did that just to keep it different.  But thanks to your feedback’s, I realize that many of you want to see main photos of the wedding.   It’s always interesting to find out ”who’s getting married” who is engaged etc.  So I realized that I haven’t really post any “main pictures” of my last several weddings:(.   So I’m going back and posting March wedding of Ben+Mila 1st. 











Hello everyone!  Please don’t forget about Mother’s day!   Here is project that Oksana was working on for her Mom.  Oksana’s Mom takes care of flowers “kaktusi”, on her backyard and loves them very much.   So Oksana notice that and took a lot of picture of them and my job was to photoshop images and we made this collage that will be printed on 12×12 canvas board as a gift.   The question is what are YOU going to get to your Mom?!  Don’t forget it:)